Best and Most Useful Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms 2020

Crown the tremendous sense of motherhood and make them both happy!

Pregnancy is as beautiful as it is a difficult and demanding process, so we have prepared our Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms list for you. We hope you like it! Let’s look at the details.


Maternity Kickin’ Me Smalls Funny Pregnancy T-Shirts


One of her mom is coming 🙂 Ahh, she kicked 🙂 Add color to your pregnancy with these beautiful funny t-shirts. I’m sure everyone who sees will like it a lot. You can buy or give them the size that suits you from these t-shirts with many different colors and patterns.





PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow


It is very important to be comfortable during pregnancy. The body should not be damaged, it is necessary to avoid the hardest blows. Whether your spouse, sibling or daughter is pregnant, this pillow will surely work for her. Thanks to this pillow, the pregnant person will have a comfortable sleep. Think about it!





Pearhead Triple Sonogram Pregnancy Keepsake Frame


 One of the most interesting gift titles for couples expecting a baby. Decorate your wall with an ultrasound picture showing each quarter of pregnancy. and take it as a beautiful memory in your home. With a handmade wooden frame, this table-looking frame can be a nice gift idea.





Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box


A gift box arranged for the first three months of pregnancy. What’s in it? BPA-free water bottle, bath balls, stickers and Anti-Nausea tape for mothers. I am sure I would suggest you to consider this set that will be very useful for a prospective mother. Moreover, this is an Amazon Choice product. Whatever the concept, gift boxes are a good idea!





Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


Let’s continue our list with a very useful and functional gift. This gift is something of the kind you need to think about after birth. Thanks to the baby monitor, you will be able to watch your baby at any time. even if you can’t be with you. You can use this baby monitor set that doesn’t require much power anywhere in your home. Also, the interchangeable lens is an important feature.





The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal



It is a great idea to record the process that goes to motherhood, your memories, the thoughts you want to convey to your baby. I think every mother should do this. Moreover, this is not just a memo pad, you will be able to write all the work, work, activities in a special format.





Maternity Pregnant Women Leggings

Mambolin Essentials for Mothers Maternity Pregnant Women Leggings


In the difficult processes of motherhood, protecting the body in the best way is one of the most important steps of this process. The mother should take care of herself so that the baby is just as healthy. This product is a body type leggings that compile and collect the mother’s body and provide a more fitted look. Give this very useful and necessary product to the expectant mother.





WavHello BellyBuds, Baby-Bump Headphones


Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky. Pop, R&P, Hip-Hop. A 20-week-old baby in the womb begins to hear, experts say that from this stage on, your baby can be positively interacted by listening to good music. You manage these headphones, which are a perfect gift for couples, with the help of an app, and this app has access to exclusive free digital content from the WavHello Studios library.





Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks


Walking during pregnancy is one of the activities recommended by doctors. It is necessary to walk regularly until a certain period. However, the feet of pregnant women will swell after these long walks. For this reason, these tightening socks will be very useful for expectant mothers. Especially for those who stand for a long time, they are cut out. It can be a nice gift for us.





Fuzzy Blanket or Fluffy Blanket for Babies


A nice gift idea, like a soft blanket, both warms the mother and the baby’s body 🙂 One of the products we want to be on this list. You need to buy soft, easy-to-fold, space-saving, color-colored blankets made of plush, microfiber.





Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls Short-Sleeve Bodysuit


Short sleeve bodysuit set for girls from Simple Joys by Carter’s. Color, pattern. If you are expecting a boy, we recommend you to check out the other products of the company. We have already examined the products of the company, which is the best seller in its field, and I must say that I like it very much. Made of cotton fabric, machine washable, snap fastener.





Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard



With this playard, your baby will have its own world. If you want to keep your baby in a solid playard, we recommend that you examine the product. A folding playard. Easy to carry. Easy to install. Graco is the best seller in the Baby Playard list. We think this is important information.





Graco DuoGlider



Babies love this swing. Whether you are an aunt, mother or father, it is one of the most preferred gifts for a baby. We think it’s a very necessary thing. Baby swings must be sturdy and secure. Having a seat belt, the vibration feature is one of the prominent features. We liked this release of Graco. Although we like it, we recommend you to examine the product.





Cute Newborn Baby Boys/Girls Blankets


Hey, this is too cute but !! It doesn’t matter boy or girl, your baby will look like a little angel in this newborn plush blanket. This blanket made of high-quality plush, where you can easily wrap and keep your baby warm, is a great option for you. Although we like the white color, you can also evaluate other color options such as gray, blue and pink.





Aminson Anti Slip Non Skid Ankle Socks With Grips for Baby Toddler Kids Boys Girls


Keep your baby’s feet cold. These small, cute socks fit a newborn baby to a 36-month-old baby. The non-slip design, 95% cotton quality, breathable structure are among the prominent features for you to choose these socks.





Mustela Belly & Bust Pregnancy Skincare Set



During pregnancy, the skin undergoes some changes. One of them is cracks in the skin. Mustela’s pregnancy care set is there to do just that. Specially formulated for new or expectant mothers, this set will moisten your skin and minimize cracks. Alcohol-free, paraben, SLS, Phthalate, Phenoxyethanol free. If you want to buy this product, which has been tested by dermatologists, we recommend you to examine it in more detail.





Diaper Bag Backpack



The diaper is a time that will need number 1 for the baby 🙂 We recommend that you consider this bag in order to overcome this inevitable reality. What you will surely need, what makes you think it will not be 🙂 This bag of Rovalino, which is the best seller in baby care bags, has many pockets, thanks to these compartments, you can store not only the diaper but also cream, lotion, everything else you may need in this bag. You will deserve us when you think about it 🙂





Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets


Motherhood is a difficult process. Pregnancy brings good and sweet memories along with a number of problems that you have to deal with. Stomach nausea is one of them. And since we talked on the floor of pregnancy, you can not use every drug. For this reason, you should turn to more natural products. We have found this organic solution to minimize the feeling of nausea, especially in the morning. It contains natural raspberry, ginger, vitamin B6 and other natural ingredients. Never forget to consult your doctor before using it!





The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year


Having a baby is very nice, but the responsibility that comes with it may intimidate you. But this situation is not unsolvable. This book, written by Dawn Dais, addresses the difficulties of having a child that nobody has spoken and lists the suggestions for solutions. The book, especially targeting the first age of the baby, may be useful for you.





Mambino Organics Fresh Face Set


Let’s come to another maintenance kit. We care to include such natural products on our list. It is necessary to stay away from unnatural solutions during pregnancy. Be sure to check out this set that cleanses the face, cleanses the skin and dead skin. It consists of natural ingredients such as turmeric, lemon and apricot kernels. In addition, another cream in the set nourishes your skin and provides a younger look. Again, you should definitely consult your doctor before trying the product.





Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set


A simple maternity pajama set for new mothers can be described as a very nice gift. The upper part of this pajama set, made of soft and flexible viscose material, is designed for breastfeeding. This pajama set, which you can also wash in the machine, even has XXL size.





TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes



Foot health is important. Especially if there is a pregnancy, the situation becomes more important. The fact that doctors recommend walking during pregnancy adds to the importance of foot health. These soft, breathable and non-sweaty walking shoes that will not tire the foot and therefore the body, are of the quality we can recommend for you. There are many color options. Its flexible structure will not wrap your feet while feeling uncomfortable!





The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People


Mambolin The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People (Big Activity Book)


The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People, written by Jordan Reid and Erin Williams, specifically deals with pregnancy in a humorous language. In fact, it is described as an activity book, not a stationary book. A sense of humor is a must-have in every mother. Let’s color it with this book.





The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook


Birth and Motherhood involve a very challenging process as well as physically and psychologically, and it is necessary to deal with problems such as panic attacks, obsessions, pressures, anxiety, and anxiety in this process. This workbook also pursued this goal. Depressive problems that may arise after birth are also mentioned. We encourage mothers to take a look at this book written by Pamela S. Wiegartz and Kevin L. Gyoerkoe and liked by many authorities.





The Birth Ball – Birthing Ball for Pregnancy



Pregnancy exercises are important for both baby and maternal health. This is one of the titles that have become the most trend in the pregnancy process in recent years. With this exercise set, the best muscle development for the baby and mother is targeted with movements and exercises suitable for the period of pregnancy. Moreover, thanks to your commitment to this process, birth can take place more easily. Nevertheless, do not forget to consult your doctor before doing this kind of application!





Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit for Labor, Delivery, Postpartum



Oh, the baby is coming! What should we do? is the bag ready? Have we got everything? When the pains of labor come, you can forget about many things with that panic. With this set of hospitals, you can avoid almost anything you may need at that emergency time. I think we can say that this is one of the most remarkable products on our list. There are many detailed items in it, fairy bottles, underwear and many more. I think such a bag or set is absolutely necessary for couples expecting a baby. Or you can gift this set to them 🙂





Essential Prenatal Fitness Box Set


A fitness training set for sale with the title “Tough exercises for a fit pregnancy”. As we said before, the pregnancy process is a difficult process for the muscles in the mother’s body. These training sets, which are prepared by professional experts to prepare the mother in the best way for the birth, can be very useful. The fact that the mother-to-be also adheres to the program has very good results. The doctor will decide whether these exercises will be suitable for you, however beautiful, always remember this!




Motherhood Maternity Women’s Maternity Indigo Blue Side Panel Skinny Ankle Length Denim Overalls


I think it’s an outfit that every expectant mother will want. These overalls are very popular among mothers. It provides a classic yet very stylish look. There are 3 different color options. The gift to your mother, spouse, daughter, expectant mother.





Baby Sign Language Made Easy: 101 Signs to Start Communicating with Your Child Now


101 signs to communicate with babies. To understand them in the best way and to meet their needs in the best way, this book will definitely work for you. This book, written by Lane Rebelo, is also the best seller in Sign language.





Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil


Heal your skin that cracks during pregnancy thanks to bio-oil and recover. A product that has been clinically validated and tested by dermatologists. It can help improve dry and aging skin appearance. The skin does not clog your pores. Candidates carefully follow such products and there is great interest. However, it is still useful to talk to your doctor before using it.






The importance of pregnancy

Motherhood is the oldest character in human history and will continue until the apocalypse. This character is so important that it is the most important step for the continuity of the lineage and for human beings to reach the next generations. At this step, the mother embarks on a miraculous journey. While returning, he returns with great beauty and presence. When you take your baby, which is the fruit of the 9-month process, the cornerstone of the family, on your lap, you will only feel that indescribable feeling until your marrow. Only those who live this feeling can know.

Who is it for

You may have been a mother for the first time, our list can be a bit of an answer to your crazy questions that you can not think of. In particular, the books on our list will shed light on women who started to experience pregnancy for the first time during this period when we are foreigners.

You may have given birth to many children. There is something for you in this detailed product list. Methods and products that you have not thought of before, from books to fitness training sets will guide you on this path.

Regardless of your spouse, sibling, daughter, mother, or whoever gives birth. We know that you always want the best for it. You can also buy these gifts that we carefully selected on our list and present them to the mother-to-be.

How we chose

While preparing this list, we tried to be so careful that we repeatedly asked questions about why and what and tried to find answers. Motherhood, each product, method or idea used during pregnancy can affect the child and mother directly or indirectly.

We examined all the gift ideas we presented in terms of health. I think it’s our indispensable criterion. We stay away from all kinds of products that can harm the mother, baby, and family. This is really important.

We examined in terms of benefits. We put our products in the answer to the questions of how the mother-to-be can be more peaceful, how to overcome the troubles that arise faster and more comfortably.


We have studied a lot. we worked diligently. We investigated. However, the deficiencies of the products included here may be defects. In any case, we recommend you to research the product and the gift you will buy. The more important point here is to choose the most suitable for maternal and infant health.

We think that your gift products that will directly affect our health, such as cream and exercise sets on our list, must be approved by your doctor. Our advice is to be evaluated by your doctor. Experts are there for this and we leave the job to a subject that we absolutely do not control.

Last Word

We hope you enjoy our Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms list. We wish you to enjoy motherhood, happy marriages and peaceful life.

If you want to ask us a question or criticize, you can contact us here.